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ज्योतिष सीखने का सबसे आसान तरीका..

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  Learn Vedic Astrology  online video course and starts  your own Business. 

Staring from beginner to Advance level.

   ” This program designed to teach you the most easiest and effective way to   become an Astrologer  in just  few days “


No. of video : 190 videos to teach you in detail

Group discussion : on WhatsApp 

LANGUAGE:  Hindi  (Teaching Will Be Only In Hindi  PDF can provide in English )

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What will you learn in this Course…

  • Nature of Planets
  • Detail about Rashi and Lagna
  • Planets Role in different  house
  • Lord of house ROLE in different place
  •  Karak – Marak Role in Kundli
  • Raj Yog , Dhan Yog,
  • Manglik Dosh
  • Sadhe Sati in Detail
  • horoscope Reading  Rule
  • Dasha System
  • Career Astrology
  • Marriage / Divorce 
  • Prediction Rules
  • Retrograte Planets
  • Combust  Planet
  • Neech Bhang raj yog
  • Case Study on different topic 
  • Division Charts D9, D10 etc.
  • Remedy
  • any more things to learn…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have tried my best to answer all the frequently asked questions. If you still have more questions, please whatsapp at  9910444896

Q. When I can join this course

  You can join any time 24/7 for the course.

Is it a pre recorded course ?

Yes, it is design as a video course, you can watch the video and learn astrology any time, for the practise , We have whats app group. you can discuss you questions there.

When I will watch my first video ?

Our Video course is uploaded on other learning platform ,after making  the payment , We will give you the discount coupon and link  to join our course and watch the videos.

How many levels are there in astrology ?

There are many topics in Vedic astrology , We have covered mostly all  tpoics till level 3, But for more deep knowledge we are providing Level- 4 also as a Bonus for the students. 

Can I read my chart after learning this course ?

Yes, you can not only read your chart but also can understand many things about your life. Though astrology need practice , As much as you practice your predictions also will come true.

Why should i learn vedic astrology ?

Vedic astrology is an important tool to understand your Karma, get to know  yourself,  Astrology will help you to guide what to do , what you should not do,

After Learning astrology you  will realize that nothing in your life happened by chance!

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